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Sarah-Jayne Webb is a South Wales based artist focusing on Contemporary Narrative photography in a Cinematic style.

  Webb uses auto-ethnography to create pieces that convey emotions and atmospheres she relates to her mental health disorders. Suffering from both an anxiety and depression disorder, she finds it difficult to put her emotions into words, photography gives her the opportunity to allow viewers a glimpse into her relationship with the world.


   Webb’s work is heavily influenced by artists including; Gregory Crewdson, Alfred Hitchcock and Alex Prager who create stylistic worlds of their own that are explored cohesively throughout their work. The work she has created in recent months has been heavily focused on talking about mental health.


   In a previous series she created as part of an artist residency in Arles, she concentrated on her thoughts, experiences and emotions relating closely to her anxiety disorder. This resulted in a series of images evoking feelings of paranoia, anger and discomfort. For these particular images, the focus has moved on to the melancholic side of her mental health to produce atmospheric images visually inspired by the Noir movie genre, and conceptually inspired by the lethargic, irritable, hopeless feelings that come with a depression disorder.


  Webb’s photographic education has included a 3-year bachelor's degree at Carmarthen School Of Art and a 2 year Master’s degree at University of Wales Trinity Saint David Swansea. She aims to approach photography in a technologically contemporary way. The vibrant colours in her work are created by two flash guns that Webb places to light the image which she photographs with a Canon 5d Mark 2 and various lenses.

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